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One Country - One Book


The discussion took place within the framework of the action "One Country - One Book" on the book of leading writer, poet S.Toraygyrov "Kamar Sulu" in the Reading Room No. 5 (8th building).

Z.Erezhepova head of the department, H.Shambulova head of the sector, N.Sauleshova, G.Usenkulova librarians of  EIC, N.Omarov head of the chair "Kazakh Language and Literature", students and teachers of the chair "Kazakh language and literature" and "Theater and variety art" took part in it.

Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov is one of the great young akyns who defended the rights of his people. His works have played a huge role in raising the national spirit. Students of the chair "Kazakh language and literature" Malik Nurbolat, Arystanova Zhansaya, Isabek Azimhan, Bayyrkul Balzhan, Suyinbek Akerke, Farabi Bakhytzhanuly, Syunov Kazybek discussed the work. Students of the chair "Theater and variety art" Syunov Kazybek, Asanbek Sultan, Orynkhan Erbol, Tolys Symbat showed an excerpt from the novel "Kamar Sulu". The book exhibition was organized on the theme «С.Торайғыровтың мұрасы». The most active students were awarded with diplomas and prizes.

«Мұхтар Әуезов - қазақтың ұлы жазушысы»


Reader's conference "Мұхтар Әуезов - қазақтың ұлы жазушысы " was held in the reading room №5 of  Educational – information centre to the 120 anniversary of  M. Auezov.  Z.Erezhepova head of the department, R.Tasbulatova head of the sector, N.Sauleshova, G.Usenkulova, K.Erkekarayeva, J.Yakipova librarians of  EIC, K.Turdybai is Ph.D., Associate Professor, teachers and students of the chair "Kazakh Language and Literature " and "Cultural-Leisure and Social Work " took part in it. M. Auezov was one of the read and recognized writers of Kazakh literature during his lifetime. Students got acquainted to the life and work of the writer through a slide show. Students Isabek Azimhan, Bazatkhan Yenlikhan, Abіl Farida, Мaлік Нurbolаt, Zakhidova Labor made a report, Seyitov Sundet, Siyinov Kazibek read poems about him. Students discussed the work and answer the quiz questions. A book exhibition on the theme "Ұлттық ұлағатты ұстанушы" was organized. The most active students were awarded with diplomas and prizes.

"Нұр себеле–нұр наурыз"


В главном читальном зале Образовательного-информационного центра состоялся литературно-музыкальный вечер "Нұр себеле нұр наурыз"€, посвященный празднованию Наурыза. В нем приняли участие заведующие отделами ОИЦ Г.Мынбаева, А.Кулданбаева, Ж. Ережепова, заведующие секторами ОИЦ Б.Жумабаева, Х.Шамбулова, библиотекари ОИЦ А.Икласова, А.Арыстанова, Э.Кулумбетова, преподаватели и студенты университета. Участники вечера поздравили присутствующих с праздником весны и обновления, подчеркнули важность существования праздника Наурыз. В этот вечер прозвучали казахские песни и кюи, исполнялись казахские народные танцы. Самые активные студенты были награждены ценными призами.

"Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness"


Discussion of the Message of President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev "Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness" was held in the reading room №5of EIC. It was attended G.Otarbaeva Head of the department of "General History and museum", K. Rakhymzhan, G.Amanbek, G.Narymbet teachers, G. Tleukulov teacher of "History of Kazakhstan", Zh.Erezhepova head of the EIC, N.Sauleshova librarian and students. Participants in the discussion fully support the policy pursued by the President of the country and are ready to make every effort to solve them.

"Мақтанышым, Қасіретім –Желтоқсан"


December 12, 2016 a Literary Evening was held in the reading room №4 (7 building) «Мақтанышым, Қасіретім –Желтоқсан», dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The evening is organized jointly with the G. Beisenbayeva, teacher of chair "Psychology and Defectology". The purpose of the evening: the upbringing feelings of patriotism, love of country, pride for the historical past, present, and bright future of the peoples of Kazakhstan. It was attended A. Zholdasbekov, dean of faculty "Physical culture and Sport", G. Malgaydarov, senior curator of faculty "Physical culture and sport", employees of EIC and students of the faculty. Students of group PC – 13-3k1, PC-13-3k2 and PC-15-2k2 acted with congratulatory concert, which sounded patriotic songs.  Book exhibition «Желтоқсан — тәуелсіздік бастауы» prepared for the event and show slides. The most active students were awarded with diplomas.

Mukhtar Auezov