«Махаббат мен сені аялап өтемін» атты әдеби-сазды кеші


      On the 10th of April the literary - musical evening was held in the main reading room of Education - Information Center "Махаббат мен сені аялап өтемін", dedicated to the celebration of Valentine 's Day - Козы Корпеш и Баян-Сулу. It was attended by the dean of the faculty "Economy and Finance" M. Seydahmetov , vice of dean Zh. Iztaev , head of the EIC H. Shambulova , B. Zhumabaeva cooperator of Youth Center A.Abdikarim, students and teachers of the Faculty of JL , EF , CB , IT , OG . This evening were sounded Kazakh songs and poems about love. Book exhibition was organized on the theme "Махаббат-ұлы сезім" . Most active students : G.Zhumabay , A.Sahan , T. Eszhan A. Alіmzhan , S. Ibrahim A. Smaylova , Sh Imanәlі , M.Ashtan , O. Alseit , A.Dzhamalov , K.Sauyt , Ә . Zholdas were awarded with certificates and prizes.

Mukhtar Auezov