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The main ideological direction of a site - technologies, inventions, ideas, a know-how, both other scientific and technical workings out in the most various areas of a science and technics.

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Information system on building "". In the technical information collection a site - the information on concrete trade marks of building materials from leading manufacturers and suppliers is collected: drawings, recommendations, collections etc. Formats - pdf (Adobe Acrobat) and dwg (AutoCAD).
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Science and Technology - Library books.  Articles, magazines, news, science and technology, biography, information for authors. E-library represented sections: Current Publications - Selected popular science articles in the following columns: man and society, education, science today, scientific hypotheses, the history of science, the history of technology, science and religion, a world in which we live; technology today; measurement Technology; sources of energy, scientific entertainment, literary creativity of scientists, Nobel laureates - 566 biographical articles, scientific journals - electronic archive of popular science journals: Nature, Science and Life, Nature and People; Technique - youth Rare editions - digital versions of rare books ; Newspaper - a series of books published in the NIT. Science and Technology News (archive releases for 2002 ... 2005.).
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Electronic Library on the nonlinear dynamics in the library collection available online e-books on nonlinear dynamics (dynamical chaos theory, synergetics, the theory of nonlinear oscillations and waves, etc.). 
Open link - Literature for engineers. The best technical and other literature, GOST, ESKD, changes to ESKD, ESTP
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Electronic Books about Mining 
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Free online library of technical literature on construction. More than 2000 books on building and construction materials 
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Library Chair "Heat, Heat and Vent" PNU References specialty department, regulatory documents: SNiPs, GOST, instructions, rules, etc.
Open link - Материалы для проектировщиков. Книги по расчету строительных конструкций, архитектуре и машиностроению.
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Electronic Library of full-text scholarly and scientific publications UlSTU publish in open access training and teaching methods of teachers UlSTU
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Electrical Electronic Library - Book electrician. Textbooks, reference books, monographs, journals. Electronic books. Shop of technical books.
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OCR-library of technical literature
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