Republican campaign "One country - one book"

Republican rally "One country - one book" holds the Ministry of Culture and Information of Kazakhstan on the proposal of the National Academic Library of the RK and the Library Association of Kazakhstan.
The event has several objectives: to promote the book, the high status of Kazakh literature, the preservation of historical and cultural and spiritual heritage, moral and patriotic education, to attract potential readers.
Starting with a 2007 action "One country - one book became one of the ways to promote reading. Gathering together the experience of previous work, the specialists of the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan prepared to issue the guidelines in action "One country, one book. It is designed for librarians involved in cultural and media work, including school librarians. Here are the forms of mass work among the readers, the program "Reading - a family affair," Regulations on the action "One country, one book." And then to the current shares given extensive information about the life and work of M. Zhumabaev, bibliography and a scenery for show-portrait "Zhyrymen jurtin oyatkan", devoted to M. Zhumabaev.

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Book "МАҒЖАН ЖҰМАБАЕВ - Жан сөзі "


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