Комиссия по правам человека при президенте РК ELIBRARY.RU - ЭЛЕКТРОННАЯ БИБЛИОТЕКА Электронная библиотека статей 300 популярных журналов и газет на английском языке (1998-2003 гг.)  Казахстанская открытая библиотека Казахстанская Национальная электронная библиотека       

By order of the pro-rector Baibolov K.S. on providing the educational and scientific processes with literature, on the formation and preservation of the EIC library fund, students who did not receive a certificate on the repayment of debt, bypass sheets in the deanery to hands will not be issued.

                                Bypass sheets are subscribed to subscriptions:


- students EF, LIR, ChT, CM, LI, IT, MOG on the subscription Educational literature (Main building, 1st floor, Tauke-khan 5)

- students of AI on the subscription of educational literature (9 building,Dulati H. w \ n, 1 floor), as well as in the Main Building, 1st floor, Tauke-khan 5

- students of FC, EP, on the subscription of educational literature (7 Building, Baytursynov b \ n), as well as 8 building, Vatutin 2, 114 cab.

- students PAC, PhF on the subscription of educational literature (8 building, Vatutin 2, 114 cab)

                                                                                     Administration of EIC

                             Teachers, undergraduates, students, you need hand over the book to the library until July 1.

If you do not reckon with the library, literature for the next year of study will not be delivered!

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Administration of EIC

Mukhtar Auezov