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11/18/2022 Educational and Information Center named after. M. Auezov, a seminar "Referent Day" was held for referents of the departments, timed to coincide with the beginning of the academic year 2022-2023. Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Abisheva R. and Director of the EIC Saurbayeva I. shared their thoughts on the role of a referent in the educational process of the university. Heads of sectors: Boletova G., Imankulova M., Pankratova V., spoke about their work. An employee of the department of new technologies and electronic resources, Spataev I., explained how to use the library website (http://www.lib.ukgu.kz/) to obtain information and information from domestic and foreign databases. B. Kuldanbayeva, head of the reader service department, provided information on working with debtors and explained the important role of literature in the educational process, inviting lecturers and all university teachers to read books.





Уважаемый референт - информатор! 

Приглашаем  Вас принять участие в работе семинара «День референта»,  

который состоится 18 ноября  2022 года в 10.00 ч.


Место проведения:

Гл.корпус  2 этаж,  224 каб.


On November 9, a reader's conference was held at the "Research Center Mukhtartanu", organized by the Educational  Information Center of the M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University. Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Senior Researcher of the Research Center "Mukhtar Studies" A. B. Kalshabek, Dean of the Faculty "Architecture, Construction and Transport",  Ph.D., Associate Professor K. E. Imanalyev, Deputy Dean for Educational Work of this Faculty Z. M. Kerimbekova, Master of Arts, Chief Specialist of the Research Center "Mukhtar Studies" A. U. Isabek, Director of the City Scientific and Universal Library them Al-Farabi A. A. Zhapparkulova, Director of the Centralized Public Library System of Shymkent named after  Abaya N. S. Zhumanova, director of the Faculty of Law “On educational work and concerns issues”, deputy dean K. T. Bimenov, director of the EIC named after M. Auezov I. K. Saurbaeva, teacher of the department “Kazakh language and literature” O. M. Agabekov. At the conference was held  the presentation  of the book "M. Auezov's Visit to the South", published by scientists of the Center "Mukhtartanu", with a graduate of the Faculty of Philology . University students also spoke at this meeting. In particular, students of the IP-21-3k2, IP-21-3k1, IP-21-3TK, FI-22-5k1, SM-22-1k1, AP-22-6k4 groups performed A. Kunanbayuly's poems. The FI-22-5k1 group of the Faculty of Philology made an impression on the audience by creating a staged story from the epic novel "The Way of Abai". At the end of the conference, the director of the EIC Saurbayeva I.K. made a final speech to the students and awarded talented letters of thanks.


Mukhtar Auezov